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About Witches of Rodoria

Liz, whose only goal in life was to find a cure for her father, comes to face a challenging ordeal as the lives of the villagers are in her hands when a group from another world attacks them… everything goes south when she misunderstands a certain spell, finding herself as the only witch in a foreign land.

How is she going to find her way back home? Where did she teleport herself to? Did she save her people? Who were those attackers? And most importantly, is her father alive and safe?

About the  Worlds

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The witches’ planet is divided in three layers, having the pit shrouded in darkness, where the corrupts reside, the midland where most of the humans, poor and middle class witches live, and it is also where our little witch lives. Then there’s the sky land, where all the important things are, like the most renowned academies for specific fields are built, the many kingdoms that rule their respective areas and all the luxuries a witch desires.


This world is filled with magic, especially after the events of ‘Icy Dawn’ took place, having to deal with the aftermath of the broken jewels.


The mirror world can be entered through a shard, which are portals forms from concentrated energy scattered by the Jewels. Inside this world, everything is almost the same, except, the monster that grow inside it are due to the negative energy in that particular area of Chitera. The monsters begin to manifest the humans' energy to try to satisfy their hunger. This results in the humans getting sick, or making them delirious or even creating a virus that can rapidly spread. The humans are affected depending on the negative energy that formed the monster.

If a shard begins to form, and there is no negative energy around it, which is very unlikely, a portal to other worlds form. These types of portals are rarely found, but when they are discovered, they're in rural areas, with barely any humans around.

~ Erica Mallia ~
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