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Ghost Wanderers

In every world there is a certain cycle that stays consistent throughout the universe, that is the cycle of death. A living being dies after an unforeseeable death, be it in an accident or when the body withers away... but then what happens? Does the soul move on to a peaceful place like heaven, or reincarnate in another body?

In one world, some magical beings have no choice to choose from. After their death, they find themselves in the same place they died in, but without any recollection of what happened or who they are. In that instance, they are nothing but mindless beings roaming around. 

To unwanted beings, they are a dangerous kind. Their intoxicating aura infects those around them like a plague. But if they come across their own kind, the kind that they ones were before, they grow to be caring, protective but very possessive. So be careful!

What to Expect?

These wanderers will be showing up in the comic - WITCHES OF RODORIA, where we will get to see them in action ^.^

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