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Osaris - The Divided City

A city divided by wealth

In a fictional world set in the 1800s, there is a city that is a sanctuary for the supernatural, a detail which is omitted from the outside world. This city is mainly known for its Academy. It is one of the top magic Academies in the world, where witches, knights, werewolves and those in between study, learn and train so they can be ready to go off into the world.

Due to its recognition, this city attracts all kinds of people and creatures alike, and so, the city was divided, trying to establish a safer city. Divided by wealth, the nobles or those who can pay an annual fee reside in the Northest part of Osaris where the Academy is. Then there is the missle section, for those who are neither wealthy nor poor. And at the bottom, which is unfortunately also near the entrance of the city is the Slums. It is where those with no home go, those who had their titles stripped, or those in hiding.

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