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Frequently Asked Questions
What program do you use?

I had started off with Photoshop, which I had downloaded a lot of free 'oil' brushes but had to switch to another program as it was taking up a lot of disk space. And it was the best decision I had ever made. I'm currently using Clip Studio Paint and will never go back to another program. 

What Digital Brushes are you using?

I had purchased some brushes from an artist going by Sebijy, they have a lot of 'traditional' brushes that can make a digital painting look like a traditional one.

What is your most frequent traditional media?

I tend to use acrylics the most. They are fast drying which is my preferred option unlike oils which tend to be slow drying and they are water solvent which means all you need are water, acrylic paints, brushes and your surface to paint on. That's it.

How long do you take to finish a painting?

Digital paintings are the fastest to finish due to not needing light, drying times, varnishes, and space to work in (which I find difficult to find sometimes. Therefore it takes about 2-8hours max (depending on the details).

When it comes to traditional paintings, the size of the canvas, the medium used and the details always play a major part in how much time I need to spend on it to finish it. Let's say I'm working on a 50 by 50cm canvas with acrylic paints, painting a portrait. It usually takes 6-12hours.

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